Marilyn Rossides

Senior Associate


Marilyn has been a Solicitor with Giles Payne & Co for over 20 years with a practice emphasizing Family law, Property, Probate, Wills & Estates and general litigation.

Marilyn has expertise in understanding the concerns and needs of clients in order to provide the most appropriate legal tools to ensure their interests are protected and to assist with any inequity that they may be facing.

Marilyn encourages mediation and compromise between disputing parties as opposed to litigation. She works hard in exhausting all avenues of dispute resolution so as to enable clients to be involved in negotiations and decision that affect their lives.

Marilyn has a strong rapport with her clients and very strong community ties.

Very often legal issues can cause significant stress and change in one’s life so Marilyn is able to support clients through various legal challenges with empathy and respect.

Marilyn practices in the following areas:

Wills, Powers of Attorney and Deeds of Enduring Guardian

Marilyn takes the time to listen to the needs of respective clients and their particular circumstances and family dynamics when advising clients on their Wills and Estate planning. A Will is such an important document that needs to be drafted to suit ones circumstances or family structure. Marilyn also really assists her clients in turning their minds to future needs where their age or incapacity may affect their ability to make their own decisions. Marilyn assists her clients in creating the most appropriate legal documents to ensure their wishes and intentions are clear so that they are protected,

Talk to Marilyn about:

  • Drafting your Will;
  • A Power of Attorney in relation to your financial matters;
  • A Deed of Enduring Guardian for your medical and lifestyle needs;
  • Estate planning in general.

Family Law

Marilyn has assisted many clients over the years after a dissolution of their relationships and reaching agreements in respect of property and children’s matters. It is often a difficult and emotional time and it is important that a sensible and equitable settlement is reached and in case of children’s matters, that the best interests of the child/children is the main focus. Marilyn can also advise clients who want clear structure and/or an agreement before entering into a new relationship.

Marilyn will be able to assist with:

  • Reaching an amicable settlement with your spouse or partner to finalise property and parenting matters;
  • Drafting Consent Orders to be filed with the Family Court;
  • Drafting Binding Financial Agreements after termination of marriage or relationship;
  • Drafting Binding Financial Agreement before or during a relationship.

Probate Litigation

Marilyn has expertise in assisting clients who may be considering challenging a Will that they believe did not make adequate provision. Marilyn can take you through the prospects and challenges of such litigation.

We also assist Executors with the administration of an Estate who may be defending a challenge to the Estate.

General litigation and disputes

Marilyn has achieved better than expected outcomes for clients by encouraging and arranging discussion conferences so that issues in dispute can be clearly articulated by the parties and their legal representatives in person in an aim to achieve an agreement to the satisfaction of all parties.

Past times out of law

Outside the law, Marilyn is an enthusiastic cook and has a passionate interest in tasting and discovering new ingredients. Marilyn love to travel and experience new places and people so as to further her personal education. Marilyn loves spending time family and reading.

Marilyn supports charities who assist ill children and the less fortunate. She is actively involved in her local church and school community and provides assistance to the elderly.

Marilyn has been an active participant in community radio and ethnic affairs issues in the community.

Marilyn is also fluent in Greek.


  • Bachelor of Laws & Bachelor of Arts with Distinction – University of Technology
  • Admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales
  • Member of the NSW Law Society