What a Will Kit doesn’t do

There are various ‘Will Kits’ available on-line – most are cheap or ‘free’ and all you need to do is download them and fill in the blanks. Many websites boast that you can prepare your Will ‘without spending hundreds of dollars on legal fees’. Simple, right? Not...Read More

Understanding a Commercial Lease

When renting business related property, it is important for both Landlords and Tenants to understand the relationship they are entering into and the rights and obligations that they each have, the document that governs this relationship is usually a Commercial Lease....Read More

The benefits of mediation in a commercial dispute

Lawyers are often stereotyped as being interested in prolonging an expensive Court action. More often the opposite is true. Lawyers know that Court cases are expensive and that clients are fearful that legal costs could escalate to an intolerable level. Lawyers...Read More

Bulletin – Autumn 2021

SUPERANNUATION UPDATES Joseph John Gilles, Partner Put $600,000.00 into your Super Fund without Penalty The Federal Government, in its budget in May 2018, announced a program to encourage older people i.e. over sixty five (65) years who wish to downsize their...Read More

Bulletin – Summer 2019/2020

De facto relationships: What are the potential legal implications? Marilyn Rossides The makeup of the modern family today differs from the Australia of previous generations. As a result the definition of spousal relationships have also changed in the eyes of the law....Read More